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i am starting a project for my friend carlo to renovate an old farm house in puglia, italy, so i needed to get into the feel of things. minimalism in japan and europe is a different animal, where i love the creativeness of the minimal spaces in japan, i usually find the european versions cold and without life, perfect for an art gallery, where the intention is to look at the art not the space. the neuendorf house in mallorca is a different matter. designed and built between 1989 and 1991 by the then partnership of john pawson and claudio silvestrin, this home for me does not take from its minimalist roots, but from the roots of simple mediterranean buildings. typical houses, especially in puglia, are stone cubes, with courtyards, thick walls of local stone, simple interiors with small windows to keep out the summer heat. and the neuendorf house is perfect mediterranean house, its fading colour coming from the earth it stands on, simple dark rooms to keep cool, a large courtyard and a pool just slightly more luxurious that a concrete box set between the trees. this house is so well known… but this is where i will start

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