simply perfect : david chipperfield for alessi

copyright : andrew trotter

tornale and santiago

starting a practice in london in 1984, david chipperfield has become one of england‘s best known architects. designing many prize winning buildings from japan to the usa, some of his most famous being here in spain, the america’s cup building in valencia, to a small house by the sea in galicia, he has always strived to design “simply perfect”. when i visited  valencia last year i was blown away by the platforms that seam to float above the water, and  in venice you must go to see the towns cemetery, its amazing to see how a simple building can mix so well in a place hundreds of years old. when i started the project of openhouse i had no doubts that i would take alessi, why? people ask, its in all design shops. true, i said, but only the well known pieces. there are many simple pieces made by alessi, not so well known. and two of the new ranges by alessi are by david chipperfield, and for me the are “simply perfect”. tornale ceramics, and santiago knives and forks. all are available at openhouse in barcelona, or can be ordered online by email.

david chipperfield : america's cup

david chipperfield : interior

david chipperfield : santiago alessi

david chipperfield : interior

copyright : andrew trotter

david chipperfield : tornale and santiago

this is the range of tornale and santiago by david chipperfield for alessi available at openhouse barcelona


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