any one for lobster? furniture : design : lobster’s day : barcelona

copyright : lobster'd day

my new friend albert is the man behind lobster’s day, a company designing products, built in his parents factory in vic, 50km from barcelona. his first range anti-c , released just over a year ago is a look to america of the mid twentieth century. a time of new beginnings, optimism, and the glamour of hollywood. this range of tables and chairs, all made in fiber glass and steel, come in many different colors and fabrics. all available at openhouse in barcelona. openhouse will be presenting lobster’s day for barcelona design week, between the 17th and 21st october 2011

copyright : andrew trotter

table and chair, available in and different colours and different sizes at openhouse , barcelona

copyright : andrew trottera

copyright : lobster's day

    • great thanks… take a look at my shop!!! i hope you like it!!!! keep watching!! andrew

  1. ESPACIO EN BLANCO interiorismo y algo más... said:

    wow! congrats!!!!!

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