white is the new black : dtile : holland

what can be simpler than the basic white tile? is this design? or is it nostalgia? actually there have never been tiles like this before, but the boys from holland, peter van der jagt, erik-jan kwakkel and arnot visser, have been so cleaver to design something, so thought out, that it looks so basic and simple, it even makes you wonder if it hasn’t been around for years, reminiscent to victorian kitches, especially in england and holland, but this is so new and is perfect. with only seven differnt tiles to make the shape, and the a range of accessories to help you with modern living, you cant ask for more. the design was a prototype for the famous dutch company droog for about 15 years, and although it was well known within the design world, it couldn’t be easily produced, so now the boys have set up a company dtile, and it is available to the public. openhouse is the first point of sale in spain for dtile. and we are hoping to spread the word, and the tiles. the wonderful thing is, because it is a system of tiles, the limits of what you can build are endless, a kitchen, a bathroom, a shower room, a top for a table or and island, or even a fireplace. come to openhouse in barcelona and see how beautiful the kitchen built with dtile can fit any home, or imagin the counter for a bar, or butchers. its good to be in white!

copyright : andrew trotter

a kitchen made with dtile at openhouse , calle notariat 6, barcelona

all photos courtesy of dtile and mari luz vidal


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