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gnam box

last night the boys from gnam box were cooking tagliatelle with shrimps, mushrooms and beer. read on to follow the recipe

gnam box

for 2 people you will need

160 gr pasta (tagliatelle)
250 gr fresh shrimps
250 gr fresh mushrooms
extra-vergin olive oil

gnam box

wash the mushrooms and cut the stems and cut the caps in thin slices.
peel the shrimps.

boil water to cook the tagliatelle, put salt when it boils.

gnam box

put 4 tablespoons of oil in a pan over medium heat, add garlic.
When it will be hot add mushrooms and cook for one or two minuts.

gnam box

add one cup of beer and cook until mushrooms are soft.

gnam box

add salt and shrimps, and cook for 30 seconds.

gnam box

gnam box

drain and add pasta to the pan, keep some of the hot pasta’s water in a cup.

gnam box

finally add oil, a little bit of hot water and finely chopped parsley, mix well. if it is too much dry, add more oil and hot water and continue to mix. mixing oil and water will form a tasty sauce.

gnam box

It’s ready: BUON APPETITO. recipe and photos brought to you by gnam box. 





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