cook : emiliano laszio cooking for gnam box

gnam box

home-made pesto and trofie by gnam box, with emiliano laszlo from studioprezel. read on to follow the recipe.

4 servings

50 gr fresh basil
15 gr pine nuts
10 gr grated pecorino cheese
20 gr grated parmigiano cheese
8 tablespoons extra vergin olive oil

gnam box

wash the basil leaves in cold water. pat dry with kitchen paper.

gnam box

put the basil leaves in a mortar together with a pinch of salt and the pine nuts.
mash the ingredients with a rotatory motion. you must obtain an homogeneous mixture. at this point add the two kinds of cheese and keep on mashing.
then pour in half the olive oil little by little while you are mashing.
you must have a creamy sauce.
complete the sauce adding the remaining olive oil and stir.
your sauce is ready!

trofie with pesto

gnam box

4 servings

350 gr trofie
2 potatoes
150 gr green beans

peel and wash the potatoes, cut them in medium pieces.
wash and cut in three parts the green beans.
cook the vegetables in boiling salted water until they are soft but not too much drain and put in a large pan (out of the fire).
cook trofie in boiling salted water (if the cooking time is the same of the vegetables you can cook them together). Remember to keep some hot water before drain pasta.
add pesto and dissolve it with few hot water in to the pan with vegetables (always out of fire, pesto doesn’t need to be cook).

gnam box

finally add trofie and mix very well. if it results too dry add more hot water or oil and continue to mix.
the trofie with home-made pesto, potatoes and green beens is ready.

thanks boys! all photos and recipe gnam box with emiliano. GNAM!

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