saturday farmer’s market at openhouse


today was the first farmer’s market here at openhouse in barcelona. it was to showcase young people trying to lead a good life and taking initiative. first there is laura from la casita, a girl from a village outside of barcelona, once a week she take orders from her friend and now clients, goes to her village, to take vegetables that her father had grown to sell. this grew, so then she took vegetables from her uncles, then their friends, and now friends of friends in neighboring villages. not satisfied with only veg, she found people making home made cheeses, jams, salamis and even vermouth, and all she will bring to your home. also joining us was carlo from cioccolato marangoni, his family in italy make the most delicious chocolates, of all different sorts, all pure, and some whole fruits enveloped in dark chocolate… this is dangerous. what is unbelievable is the chocolate with the flavour of tobacco. i have never smoked,  but it reminds me of the smell of my uncle smoking a pipe, and i love it. last but not least are the great wines from xabi at viña zorzal from navarra.  this is a young man producing a selection of five wines from his family’s vineyard. we have to do this again openhouse








andrew, laura, carlo 



  1. xabi said:

    Impresionante iniciativa Andrew!! este mundo necesita mas gente como tu!

    • muchas gracias xabi!!!! so glad you are a part of it!!!!

  2. xabi said:

    And yes. We have to do it again!!

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