openhouses : architecture : the case study houses : piere koenig

when i was studying i was fascinated by the architecture of california and the modern movement there. piere koenig was always interested in architecture as a child and what was happening in europe with le corbusier and the bauhaus. but then the war came. after he started to study and then to work, and because of the war there were many restrictions and new methods of building were needed. he started to use metal. in 1957 he was asked by art and architecture to join their case study house program. these were houses built to ask questions and find new was of building and living. cheaper methods, ease of construction, open-plan living, a new life. i love the case study houses. this first one #22 is so well known, and others by koenig and other great architects are simple, elegant and open. its funny how these projects to find cheaper ways of building have become some of the most expensive houses available. i guess because its a one off piece of art. and what a view!



above photos case study #22 and #21 : julius shulman


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