monolithic beauty : dominus estate vineyard : napa valley : architecture : herzog & de meuron

i have a love for big square boxes. monolithic cubes, especially those that sit in the middle of nowhere. you would think something like that doesn’t fit into nature, but for me its the juxtaposition that i love. i have never been against building modern buildings in natural settings,as long as it is good architecture. the dominus estate vineyard in the napa valley, california for me is a perfect example. swiss architects herzog & de meuron have created a beautiful block of stone. using the steel cages filled with large local stones, usually used for the embankments of motorways and bridges, from a distance it looks like the dry stone walls, typical in many countries, that already cut across the farm lands. whats is amazing is this building which should be so heavy feels light and airy with sunlight filtering through, more at the top with bigger stones and less at the bottom. its a shame that the napa valley put restrictions to the vinyards, and the public cannot visit. this is one great building. what i like about herzog & de meuron is their constant changing. they seam to want to challenge themselves instead of finding a style of their own and sticking to it. photo credits : herzog & de meuron : dominus estate : dezeen 


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