architectural excursions : ripoll y olot : rcr arquitectes : MSB miquel subiràs

i have been a few times to the olot area of catalunya, just over an hour from barcelona, and each time i discover new things. if you head up there, pop into the tourist information centre and pick up an architectural guide by rcr arquitectes. this will show you where to see most of their work. this time we started in ripoll  to see the espai de la lira, a space between two buildings, connecting a bridge to a street, and a space to use below. then to olot, famous for its volcanos and volcanic soil. in olot we saw the cafe by miquel subiràs, then the offices of rcr. from there we travelled just outside the town to see the parque de piedra tosca, and then to the nearby athletic stadium and pavilions . last year i also saw the bathing pavilion and les cols. if you are feeling extravagant , i recommend that you spend a night in the guest rooms of les cols. all photos : andrew trotter




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