and opera of waves : architecture : can lis and can feliz : jørn utzon : mallorca

as you know from my previous post about the neuendorf house, that i am studying mediterranean building, and i will help my friend design a small hotel in puglia, italy. can lis, named after his wife, was built in 1972 by jørn utzon in mallorca after a holiday before returning to his denmark after he left the project of the sydney opera house. you make think this is a simple home, built with local sandstone to fit its suroundings, yet the principals behind it have many links to the opera house, and that of a story he had heard about african farmers. its is a bunch of separate pavilions like the opera house, linked by one wall, and each pavilion has a different orientation to follow the sun. after many years he came to live permanently here, but with the high humidity and the many visitors he decided to build himself and his wife a retreat in the mountains, can feliz, and gave can lis to his children. these homes to me are beautiful. simple buildings that fit well with the surroundings, with an idea that you can’t distinguish if it is traditional or modern.



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