don’t throw stones : architecture : glass house : philip johnson : new canaan

philip johnson was never the pioneer of new things in my eyes. but what he did, he did it well. his glass house in new canaan, near new york, is a beautiful study of the farnsworth house by mies van der rohe. sometimes i look at buildings and i think, “why didn’t they do them like that”, “they should have done this”. for me philip johnson built like that. taking ideas already there and making them to what he saw more perfect. via : somewhere i would like to live


  1. matthewverdon said:

    From reading the post above, you should look out for the recent Sarah Morris film “Points on a line”. It juxtaposes the Farnsworth House with the Glass House, along with archival and biographical documents amongst other objects from both houses. It’s an engaging and quite spellbinding film. There’s a brief excerpt on vimeo:

    • thank you matthew, and the short clip is beautiful, do you know where i can see the rest of the film ?

      • I saw it recently at the MAK in Vienna in a group exhibition. Unless you’re going there, perhaps her gallery White Cube might be able to tell you.

    • thank you very much for writing! if you can’t get to New Canaan is there somewhere else we can see the film?

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