my idea of heaven : architecture : oscar niemeyer : casa das canoas : rio de janeiro

when i think of a place i would like to live, it is always in a house that is modern, yet old, surrounded by forrest and close to the sea. a place to relax, sip a mojito or two and take a dip in the pool. and a house that is so perfect, no matter how big or small. this is my idea of heaven. when i visited la ricarda, even in its decaying form, you couldn’t fault the house everything from the dimensions to all its details were perfect. when i returned to make the photo shoot for lobster’s day, and we spent the day there, immediately we felt at home. i think oscar niemeyer‘s casa das canoas just outside of rio de janeiro, would be the same. built for himself in 1953, this building so similar with the ideas of le corbusier and of the time, comes to life with its curves and use of materials, and being surrounded by forrest with views to the sea, makes the more beautiful place in which to live.



mos photos : julian weyer

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