nou havana : interior design / art direction : club : alicante : andrew trotter . mari luz vidal . xavi franquesa

xavi franquesa asked me to collaborate with him on a club he was designing in alicante, nou havana, so with mari luz vidal we took on the art direction. the club was basically there as xavi was near to the end of the project, we just needed to give it atmosphere. what was asked for was broken, destroyed walls. so we came up with the idea of using photos to cover the walls. most of the photos were ones i had taken on my travels, doors, graffiti, walls, but i was in love with the graffiti of alexandre farto, that i had seen in london. i contacted him and he let us use a photo of one of his works. photos : mari luz vidal                                                                                                                                                                       .

the small vip area used wallpaper from piet hein eek and his copper lamps to give the feeling of an old barn. tables from amato sole

the area to the right had a niche, i asked xavi to raise the bottom to make a seat, then with mari luz we fitted a picture i had taken of two doors in paris

this is the photo of the work by alexandre farto

the room to the left was to be a private room for stag nights etc. behind the recycled old doors, you find a room like twin peaks, all red velvet and a pole

photos : mari luz vidal

the two doors in a street in paris

a wall in barcelona

a door in sant pol

a wall i think in marrakech

work by alexandre farto


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