club concerto : interior design / art direction : alicante : andrew trotter . mari luz vidal . xavi franquesa

after the success of nou havava, mari luz vidal and i were asked back to make the art direction for their second club in alicante, club concerto. xavi franquesa again was the interior designer and our brief was ‘the sea’. this time mari luz had made a underwater photographic exercise using her sister swimming. the photos were then darkened and fitted to the ceiling as if someone was swimming above you in the dark blue water. the effect was perfect, especially from the lower level of the club, the dancefloor where you ca see up through the glass. there was also a low beam, and unusable space between the bar and the sitting area. here we raise the bottom, places a mirror and above placed a light box with photos of modern gold jewelry, like a treasure chest under the sea                                              .

photos : mari luz vidal

photos : mari luz vidal


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