even the weeds have flowers : blueware vases : design / art : glithero : london

The ground-breaking ceramics’ series have been created by Anglo-Dutch partnership Studio Glithero, re-interpreting the Blueprinting process, and re-inventing at the same time the classic “white on blue” Jasperware style for their commission. Studio Glithero have worked on chemically infused ceramic surfaces, in an ultra-contemporary interpretation of the Vauxhall Collective’s theme “reinventing British classics”. A series of white vases and tiles were embedded with light reacting chemicals and a combination of floral specimens (including weeds from social housing projects) was arranged on the ceramic surfaces. Exposed to UV light, the chemicals caused an intense colour transformation from white to Prussian blue. The process leaves a crisp white silhouette of the specimens, creating intricate floral designs on the deep blue background. The two designers found inspiration from the Victorian period of great discoveries, when British explorers travelled the world in search of new exotic species. In 1840 chemist and botanist John Hershel invented the Blueprinting process, marking a development of early photographic techniques and offering to those pioneers an invaluable tool for documentation. After having travelled to Stoke on Trent, the UK centre for ceramic heritage, Studio Glithero have produced the light-sensitive series bringing together an artisan approach to ceramics with a rare use of photography. The result is also homage to the classic British Jasperware tradition of white on blue ceramics. via : dezeen   click here to see more from glithero


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