holland at home : book : dutch architects and their houses : mirjam bleeker . frank visser . santje kramer

last week i had one of the biggest compliments paid to me. a lady walked into my shop and said ” hi, i’m mirjam bleeker, im a photographer, and i’ve been following your blog” she came with her friends, we chatted a lot, and i showed them the openhouse gallery at home while taking a coffee. she gave me a book that she had made with frank visser and santje kramer, “dutch architects and their homes”, and said that maybe we can collaborate in the future. here are a few photos from the book which can be ordered here                                                                                                                           .

photo 1 & 2 eline strijkers

arne van herk & sabien de kleijn 

don murphy

gunnar daan 

maarten min

felix claus

rianne makkink 

wim de vos

jeroen van schooten 

rolf fr


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