in love : room #308 : design & interiors : pieke bergmans : holland : llove hotel : japan

i met pieke a couple of months ago when she came into the shop with her friend, photographer mirjam bleeker. i talked a lot with mirjam that day, as she had found the shop through the blog, and then invited them to a coffee at home to see the exhibition for the openhouse project. it wasn’t till after, that i started to look at her website that i realised i had seen her work before. her beautiful glassblowing and also she was a close friend and college of peter from dtile. i hope soon i will be able to bring an exhibition by pieke, here to barcelona. this is her room for the llove hotel in tokyo, japan

“the design of the room in the llove hotel, is about the emotion, the romance and compassion of love. the main object in the room will be light. light is visible to human but whether visible to the eye or not, a really interesting aspect of light is that we “feel” light. this is because of the electromagnetic radiation of the wavelengths and also the temperature. In many legends sunsets or moonlight are an important and magical part of processes as it touches our emotions. but it’s not just about the light in this room. you think you enter a regular hotel-room, but when you have a closer look, you see that the objects behave peculiar; the bed is crawling up the wall. the chair is desperately stretching out to get closer to the table. the lights are entangled and the toothbrushes are totally into one and another. but what else would you expect from a llove hotel… everything has fallen in LLove! ”

photos : takumi ota and designboom                                                                                                           .




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