more love : design & interiors : llove hotel : japan : hideyuki nagayama : jo nagasaka & LLove creative team : richard hutten : ryuji nakamara : yuko nagayama : photos : takaumi ota

yesterday after writing about pieke bergmans and her room at the llove hotel in tokyo, i started to look for more info. i came across an article, actually 3 articles by designboom, showing all the rooms and their designers . all photos takumi ota & designboom                                                                            .

based on the japanese phenomenon of the love hotel, this pop up LLove hotel was created by eight japanese and dutch designers with themed rooms that are installations, where people can actually make a reservation and stay over night. initiated by amsterdam’s Lloyd hotel (the hotel’s artistic director suzanne oxenaar) and works were coordinated by jo nagasaka of the japanese architecture studio schemata. the LLove hotel installation opened on october 22nd, a few days before tokyo
designers week, and will run only until november 23, 2010.

room 302 by yuko nagayama. the female designer transformed her room into a sea of small pebbles furnished by plants here and there. lying down, looking outside, it feels like the border between inside and outside has disappeared.

richard hutten in room 307 ‘wall papered’ the entire surface on floor and walls with all kinds of tape.
a pile of mattresses – a piece from hutten’s ‘layers’ collection is placed in the center of the room in the fairy tale-style of the ‘princess on the pea’. it functions as a place to sleep and rest– the traditional things you do in a regular hotel room–but also serves as a table and for storage in between the layers.

hideyuki nakayama‘s room 301 was entitled ‘little big room’. the idea was to make a replica of the existing old and broken down, abandoned japanese-style room, but a bit larger in size and then squeeze this bigger replica back into the smaller original room – that’s were the wrinkles come from!

and here are the single rooms 309-314 by jo nagasaka & LLove creative team. ‘single’ is intended as only half of the ‘double’ room.

jo nagasaka also designed a room, number 303 where he mounted the bed on a rotating disc, a piece of clockwork. he removed the rice paper from the sliding doors and left only the frames.

ryuji nakamara, designer of room 304, created a ‘water surface’ by dozens of fishing lines that run from wall to wall at height of ca. 50 centimeter from the floor level. in the bed, looking up at the ‘low ceiling of lines’, we had the feeling of being under water where everything above is blurred. as one sits upright in the bed, the head through the surface, we were invited to play with the many childish accessories provided: coloured balls and rubber ducks.


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