don’t get wet : art installation : rain room : random international : barbican center : london

openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-magazine-photo-andrew-trotter-dont-get-wet-art-installation-rain-room-random-international-barbican-center-london i discovered rAndom international on my recent visit to the carpenters workshop gallery in paris. their retrospective, before the rain was amazingly beautiful. their works, that mix art with design and technology, react with the on-looker, and in different ways give a self portrait of the viewers them self. the rain room, showing until the 3rd of march 2013, at the barbican center, london, gives a whole new experience. this is a room that in every part of it, is raining, and quite heavy rain at that. you must put your trust in them and their technology not to get wet. as you walk towards it, and into it the rain stops, but only where you are. it is free, but you will have to queue, but it is well worth the experience. photos : andrew trotter                                                                                                            .

openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-magazine-photo-andrew-trotter-dont-get-wet-art-installation-rain-room-random-international-barbican-center-london 1 openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-magazine-photo-andrew-trotter-dont-get-wet-art-installation-rain-room-random-international-barbican-center-london 2


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