a japanese visit to openhouse : design & architecture : ikko yokoyama : jo nagasaka : yoshihide kobanawa


i was very proud to get a visit on saturday by 2 top architects and a curator from japan. i had contacted ikko a year or so ago when i had seen the work that she is doing with editions in craft, with african ladies which were being exhibited in rossana orlandi. this summer i had a visit by pieke bergmans, and after i wrote about her, and the work she had done at the llove hotel in japan. after i wrote again about the whole llove hotel project.

a couple of weeks ago, ikko wrote to me and said she was coming to barcelona with her friend, architect, jo nagasaka. she said that he had seen that i had wrote about him and his projects in japan with schemata and that they would like to meet me and see the openhouse project. they came saturday evening with a friend, yoshihide kobanawa, who works here for rcr aquitects, and is also a friend of my flatmate nobu. it is a very small world.

we shared a wonderful evening of talking and wine. it was a pleasure to have them at home, and to find out about their new projects. photo : mari luz vidal


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