following the light : sun tunnels : art nancy holt : lucin utah

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 1

i often go to the spanish site flores en el atico, i have found many interesting posts about young new artists, or even old ones that i have never come across before. today i found the sun tunnels, that instantly gave me a wonderful memory of donald judd, of who i will write about in these days. so i started to read about nancy holt and these wondefully simple concrete tubes. set in the great basin desert, lucin, utah, one captures the sun rise and sun set of the winter solstice, the other for the summer. they also make the viewer look harder at the nature around them and all the atmospheric changes. but this isn’t all she wanted. yes they are set in a remote area, that not many people go to, but they are totally accessible all year round, so open and free for anyone who would like to see them.

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 2 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 3 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 4 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 5 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 6 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 7 openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-following-the-light-sun-tunnels-art-nancy-holt-lucin-utah 8

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