cutting edge : design : meeting knives by mia schmallenbach for deglon


as i was in milano i had to pop in to the dada clothing store. not only is it a beautiful shop with an interesting selection of clothes, accessories and design objects. it’s here that i came across this wonderful knife set, meeting knives by mia schmallenbach for the french company deglon. their precision amazed me, as with the feel and the perfect sleek lines.

openhouse-barcelona-magazine-shop-gallery-cutting-edge-design-meeting-knives-by-mia-schmallenbach-for-deglon 1 openhouse-barcelona-magazine-shop-gallery-cutting-edge-design-meeting-knives-by-mia-schmallenbach-for-deglon 2 openhouse-barcelona-magazine-shop-gallery-cutting-edge-design-meeting-knives-by-mia-schmallenbach-for-deglon 4 openhouse-barcelona-magazine-shop-gallery-cutting-edge-design-meeting-knives-by-mia-schmallenbach-for-deglon 5


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