a good read : design / art : pétrifications by krzysztof j. lukasik

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a while ago i received a mail. it was by a young man who wanted to show me his designs. with my love for marble i was quickly intrigued. so from that day we started a conversation. i wanted to find out what was behind krzysztof j. lukasik, and what had lead him to create pétrifications. this is what he told me .                                                                                                                                                             .

I came to Lyon after finishing the French-Polish High School in Warsaw to study Modern Literature and Linguistics at the Lyon II Lumière University in Lyon. I came from a family of big readers and I have always loved to read. After my high school years, I was charmed by French XIXth century novel and XXth century poetry and I wanted to became a French literature professor at the University. After my first year I decided that “it wasn’t enough” for me. As I can remember, I like to draw and to do things manually so I applied for the Fine Arts Academy (one of the best Fine Arts Schools in France). I studied Literature and Product Design at the same time. After finishing my 3rd year and I wanted to do something more design/luxury goods oriented and that is why I applied at ECAL/ Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland. As you can see I finished my Mas-Luxe 6 month ago. My story with Fashion Design started as everything in my life, by some accidental circumstances. When I was at high school I applied for a journalistic internship at the fashion department of Gazeta Wyborcza (one of the biggest leftist Polish newspaper. It covers the gamut of political, international and general news). I learned a lot during that few years at Gazeta and I discovered a profound passion for Fashion and Accessories Design. As you can see in my CV I had this enormous opportunity to work for some brands and designers, Natalia Brilli and Maison Martin Margiela, that I consider as unconventional, inspirational and always surprising.

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“For the Pétrifications project, it has been on my mind for some years and which allows me to reconcile my interest in design with the one for literature I had the opportunity to develop while studying it at university. It was inspired by my own experience as a reader who, when interrupted in his reading, too often left his book opened at the page he was reading, on a table or on the floor. It is a collection of five triangular geometrical forms of several different dimensions, made of various kinds of stones, and destined to be used as bookmarks for for various types of books, magazines and newspapers .”

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 3

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 4

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openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 5

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 5.2

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 6

Knowing and respecting work of Paul Cocksedge, I wanted to play with this opposition between a typical French paperback book format (Livre de poche – is the inexpensive, most selled and most read book format in France. Every book is publish in Livre de poche format, Usually, 3 months after the publication of a book in a traditional format). I wanted to set this popular in France book format against the common idea of a bookmark (a piece of paper, a postcard, a metro ticket etc). I wanted to play with this contradictory vision of a bookmark. After developping the first piece for my diploma at the Fine arts Academy in Lyon in June 2008, I developed a full collection of bookmarks, respecting different formats of books, magazines and newspapers. I wanted to keep the sculptural and sacralized aspect of marble and add a new modern meaning to it.

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openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 9

openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-a-good-old-read-design-art-petrifications-by-krzysztof-j-lukasik 7

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