hk honey : roof top bee keeper michael leung : hong kong

openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 1

high above one of the world’s busiest and most congested city streets, urban apiarist michael leung runs his crusade for conscious local food, documented in virgile simon bertrand’s inspiring photographs. leung founded hk honey and hk farm as a way of using his background as a product designer to introduce the largely unknown concept of sustainable food to hong kong. Initially starting with just a few hives on the roof of his design studio in ngau tau kok, leung developed both a brand and a responsible community around his lifestyle ideology. “by putting bees in an industrial area we are showing a bit of optimism and that it’s not too late to do something about environmental change,” he explains. “our aim is to get people to know where their food comes from and to source and buy ethically, locally and seasonally.” with hives situated on a number of cafés and design stores throughout the city—including bespoke commissions for louis vuitton and lane crawfordhk honey also creates harvestable roof gardens and promotes the development of inner city green space.
via : somewhere i would like to live                                                                                                                  .
Ngau_Tau_Kok_Rooftop_Farm-openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 2 Photo_by_Glenn_Eugen_Ellingsen-2_Years_Ahead-HK_Farm
openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 2
openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 3openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 4openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 5openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 6openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 7openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-barcelona-interview-hong-kong-honey-roof-top-bee-keeper-michael-leung 8

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