changing realities : photography : robert gilgorov

openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-art-milan-changing-realities-photography-robert-gilgorov-the -kiss

having coffee at my friend’s house on sunday i started to look at a few of their books… i came across one by robert gligorov, and this picture caught me off guard…. text via designboom 

robert gligorov is a photographer who lives and works in milan, italy. gligorov was born in 1959 in kriva palanca, macedonia and creates images which are both shocking and humourous. “confronting a society accustomed to sophisticated and extreme forms of visual communication, gligorov amplifies the shock value of his work in order to compete with the deluge of images that cloud our visual field.” these shocking images often depict controversial issues like religion, violence and sexuality. however despite gligorov’s attempts at shock, he also fills his works with a healthy dose of humour.    

openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-art-milan-changing-realities-photography-robert-gilgorov-2000_h2o openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-art-milan-changing-realities-photography-robert-gilgorov-2006_dollarnote openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-art-milan-changing-realities-photography-robert-gilgorov


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