high tension : architecture : project for city hall : california city : 1966 : konrad wachsmann


I so wish konrad wachsmann could have realized this project. city hall for california city, 1966. the roof is entirely suspended by high-tension steel cables anchored in sloped embankments on either side. no vertical supports whatsoever! but also no facades! (this is california!) hence the wind can pass underneath the roof which prevents the space heating up by the sun. the wind passing through provides perfect cross-ventilation and makes mechanical air-conditioning obsolete. and as the usable space underneath is dug out from the natural ground, the constant moderate temperature of the ground additionally cools the space.  text via andreas ruby                                                                 .

openhouse-magazine-high-tension-architecture-project-for-city-hall-california-city-1966-konrad-wachsmann 1


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