fine bone china hit with a hammer : crockery : design : max lamb : 1882 ltd

openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 1

text and photos : max lamb

crockery available through : 1882 ltd

a collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast from plaster models carved by hand, with glazed interior for functionality and raw exterior reflecting the modest surface texture of the plaster original. the process of slip-casting begins with the creation of a three-dimensional model of the design known as a ‘master’ by a professional model-maker, from which the production mould is cast. crockery bypasses this process by placing the responsibility of both designer and model-maker in the hands of max lamb. using the tools of a stone mason lamb chips and carves a solid block of plaster to make a jug, bowl or mug, the design of each formed quite simply out of their own making. from the ‘master’ one or more plaster production moulds can be made, often consisting of three or more parts to enable the cast to be safely removed in one piece. crockery is now ready for casting in fine bone china.

openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 2 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 3 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 4 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 5 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 6 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 7 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 8 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 9 openhouse-magazine-fine-bone-china-hit-with-a-hammer-crockery-design-max-lamb-182-ltd 10


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