super history : photography / art : foto marvellini : milan

openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan Fotografia-Personagens-Homem-Aranha-Super-Homem-Batman-Darth-Vader-Storm-Trooper-Hannibal-Lector-Irmaos-Marvellini-05

everytime i go to stefano and giuseppe’s house i am always intrigued by two pictures they have in their kitchen. i found out that they are both by foto marvellini, from milan, who take old photos, and cover the faces with masks for the super heros or other such famous goodies or villains. but they dont stop there. each print is sold in an old frame, where the original painting or picture is still there but turned around to face the back.                                                                                                                .

openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan Dirty-Butterfl-marvellini-Nonna-Batman-Che-Legge-Batman openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan 1 openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan Foto-Marvellini-Gli-antenati-dei-supereroi7-560x456 openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan foto-marvellini-darth-marriage openhouse-magazine-super-history-photography-art-foto-marvellini-milan

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