lookout : architecture : mirador house : matias zegers arquitectos : chile

openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 1

text & photos via designboom , photos : © cristobal palma

in the middle of a flowing terrain of vineyards exposing itself from the low lying fog at the highest point on the property, an orthogonal monolithic mass with delicately planned proportions emerges our of the rich orange soil of casablanca. designed by local firm matias zeger arquitectos, the ‘mirador house’ wine tasting pavilion consists of two massive blocks separated by an equally heavy empty space. layer upon layer of land-dyed concrete is cast with large openings and a mix of interior and exterior spaces and courtyards that frame various parts of the waving grapevine sea – a small island with an ancient mesquite tree marking the distinct location. a gently-sloped pyramidal roof unites the opposing solid volumes and their interstitial void, with a sharp-edged slab that makes it feel almost weightless. a combination of variously-sized apertures and full-height glass walls create a sequence of diversely lit spaces appropriate to their individual functions.the concrete was mixed on site enough to pour one layer at a time so that the final result is a construction marked by the subtle changes in climate, aggregate and mixing methods, using the material property itself to marry the structure to the land in a poetically intimate way.                                                                                                                     .

openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 2 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 3 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 4 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 5 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 6 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 7 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 8 openhouse-magazine-lookout-architecture-mirador-house-matias-zegers-arquitectos-chile-photo-cristobal-palma 9


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