art box : artist studio by A31 architects : boetiya : greece

openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 1

art studio by A31 architects : via somewhere i would like to live  

Between olive trees, oleander and cypress trees lying on 4000m2 area just a few meters from this beautiful garden your artists in his workshop – a painter and sculptor. The landscape is not spoiled because the building is open space (read: no interior walls), making it ideal for such purposes. Assignment was to construct a studio effectively, cleanly and with discipline, to merge with the spirit of the Greek landscape. The structure is a reinforced concrete shell built by numerous wooden panels. The shape is timeless, built as a dome, which is bordered by ancient modernism and interact with wonderful intimate place for artists.                                                                                                           .

openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 2 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 3 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 4 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 5 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 6 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 7 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 8 openhouse-magazine-shop-gallery-architecture-art-box-artist-studio-by-a31-architects-boetiya-greece 9

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