private bunker : photography : carsten güth

openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 1

private bunker by carsten güth via offmag

Private Bunker Series, the collection of photographs show a variety of residential houses shut-off from the outside world; their windows and doors nowhere to be seen. There’s a surrealism and a beauty to these images. In many ways they feel claustrophobic – even horrific – but there’s also an elegance to be found in their minimalist forms and their obscure abstractions. Carsten Güth studied architecture but now lives and works in Stuttgart as a designer. Recently he released this series as a zine and you can check out photographs of it on his blog.                                                              .

openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 2 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 3 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 4 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 5 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 6 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 7 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 8 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 9 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 10 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 11 openhouse-magazine-offmag-private-bunker-photography-carsten-guth 12


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