solid block : architecture : faculty club tilburg university by shift architecture urbanism : rotterdam

openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 1

photos by rené de wit via archi-tonic

Shift architecture urbanism completes Faculty Club for Tilburg University (Tilburg/Rotterdam, 20 July 2011) Tilburg University has extended its campus with the Faculty Club, a multipurpose pavilion for the academic staff and their guests. Shift architecture urbanism took the initiative to reanimate the quintessential quality of the Tilburg campus: strong solitary buildings in the green. The monumental modernism of Jos Bedaux served as a frame of reference. Bedaux designed the first – still the best – buildings for the university in the sixties. The Faculty Club is designed as a carved-out-monolith, one simple box in which transparency and massiveness melt together. The central restaurant is carved out from the centre, creating a tunnel-effect in the front view. In order to strengthen its solitaire character, the building is lifted from the ground. The height difference is bridged by outside stairs and a ramp integrated within the front façade.  Each façade has only one window. By recessing each window, outdoor spaces are created within the front and rear façades. These mark the entrance in front and form a large covered terrace in the back. The simplicity and plasticity of the three-dimensional window treatment further contributes to the building’s sculptural qualities.  By creating a strong formal relation between the existing university buildings and the new Faculty Club, an ensemble of omni-directional solitaires is created. This enables one to recognize the Faculty Club as part of the university, despite its peripheral forest location and exclusive program.                                                                                    .

openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 2 openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 3 openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 4 openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 5 openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 6 openhouse-magazine-solid-block-architecture-faculty-club-tilburg-university-by-shift-architects-rotterdam 7


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