deflated : art : florentijn hofman’s giant rubber duck: the aftermath : hong kong

openhouse-magazine-what-a-let-down-art-florentijn-hofmans-giant-rubber-duck-the-aftermath-hong-kong 1

after dominating the scenery of victoria harbour just over a week ago, hong kong’s resident yellow rubber duck by dutch artist florentijn hofman – which originally made its debut in 2007 by traveling around the world – took a turn for the worst as it completely deflated overnight. measuring just under six stories, the inflatable sculpture was planned to be on display june 9, 2013. via : designboom     .

openhouse-magazine-what-a-let-down-art-florentijn-hofmans-giant-rubber-duck-the-aftermath-hong-kong 2 openhouse-magazine-what-a-let-down-art-florentijn-hofmans-giant-rubber-duck-the-aftermath-hong-kong 3 openhouse-magazine-what-a-let-down-art-florentijn-hofmans-giant-rubber-duck-the-aftermath-hong-kong 4 openhouse-magazine-what-a-let-down-art-florentijn-hofmans-giant-rubber-duck-the-aftermath-hong-kong 5


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