anti architecture : tudela-culip restoration project in cap de creus by EMF and Ardèvol

openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 1

photos and text via dezeen

Landscape architects EMF teamed up with architecture firm Ardèvol to remove over 400 buildings from a former holiday village in eastern Spain and transform the landscape into a series of meandering pathways and coastal viewpoints.  The Tudela-Culip (Club Med) resort at Cap de Creus in Cadaqués had been a holiday destination for 900 tourists every summer, but in 1998 the coastal site was given protected status as a Natural Park and the resort was forced to close its doors five years later. Working alongside over 50 specialist consultants, EMF and Ardèvol were able to deconstruct most of the buildings of the Tudela-Culip and restore the natural landscape amidst a series of architectural interventions. The most prominent addition to the site is the Cubes Viewpoint, a pair of Corten steel structures facing out to sea, while slabs of stone and more Corten steel were used to create seating areas and landmarks elsewhere around the park. Pathways are divided into a three-tier hierarchy. The main access road is laid in asphalt, secondary pathways are formed from concrete, and informal routes are defined by ankle-height metal railings. Small Corten panels scattered around the site feature cutaways that highlight how some of the natural rock formations resemble animals. The five-year-long project was completed in 2010, but recently received the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize at the 7 European Biennial of Landscape Architecture.             

openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 8 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 9openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 2 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 3 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 4 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 5 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 6 openhouse-magazine-anti-architecture-tudela-culip-restoration-project-in-cap-de-creus-by-emf-and-ardevol 7


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