english heritage : architecture : farnley hey house by peter womersley : 1954 pennines

openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 1text and photos via somewhere i would like to live

Farnley Hey is one of Britain’s most celebrated Modern houses. This four-bedroom home with spectacular views over the Pennines was designed by the architect Peter Womersley in 1954 as a wedding present to his brother. Maintained in remarkably original condition, it is a magnificent example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. It was one of the first post-war buildings to be listed (Grade II), with English Heritage commenting that : “In style Farnley Hey suggests the influence of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, brought to a dramatic site in the Pennines. It typifies the best of the 1950s in its lightness, sense of the picturesque and optimistic stance.”  Peter Womersley (1923 – 93) was one of Britain’s most celebrated Modernist architects. As well as Farnley Hey, many more of the buildings he designed during the latter half of the 20th century are listed. Womersley studied at the Architectural Association in London before moving to the Scottish borders, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.                                                                                                                                             .

openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 2 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 3 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 4 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 5 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 6 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 7 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 8 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 9 openhouse-magazine-english-heritage-arcitecture-farnley-hey-house-by-peter-womersley-1954-pennines 10

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