weightless architecture : art : yasuaki onishi’s mercedes-benz

openhouse-magazine-weightless-architecture-art-yasuaki-onishis-mercedes-benz 1as gracious as a spider’s web may appear when it glimmers in the sun, it soon becomes ruthless and powerful when it wraps itself around whatever it has trapped in its seemingly fragile fibers. in amongst all of its ambivalence, the sophisticated construction of its delicate structure demonstrates perfect harmony. just as the spider’s web traps its prey, the web installation by japanese artist yasuaki onishi traps his vision; for more photos and text please visit designboom

                                                                                                          openhouse-magazine-weightless-architecture-art-yasuaki-onishis-mercedes-benz 2

openhouse-magazine-weightless-architecture-art-yasuaki-onishis-mercedes-benz 3

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