grand comfort : street life : art installations : Lang-Baumann

openhouse-magazine-grand-confort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 1

Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann are a Swiss-American artist duo who have worked together since 1990 under the name Lang-Baumann. Not ones to limit themselves to the confines of exhibition spaces, Lang-Baumann are known for creating works of ambitious scale that all but take over the public sphere. Attracted to unexploited public spaces, they compellingly intervene with them, and in doing so, have gone on to create a range of situ artworks such as furnishing, mural paintings, sculptures and installations that play with elements of architecture and design. Their creations have included inaccessible staircases and parasitic inflatable structures that literally grow out of buildings and unusual expanding artworks that have occupied roofs and the underside of bridges. The streets of the city are treated and turned into a massive urban canvas as their pieces explore the overlooked dimensions within them. Always surprising and invasive, their artworks manage, however, to blend in perfectly with the urban and rural spaces that host their interventions.  

openhouse-magazine-grand-confort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 2 openhouse-magazine-grand-confort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 3 openhouse-magazine-grand-confort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 4

openhouse-magazine-grand-comfort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 5 openhouse-magazine-grand-comfort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 6 openhouse-magazine-grand-comfort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 7 openhouse-magazine-grand-comfort-street-life-art-installations-lang-baumann 8


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