light measures : “Oh my CAD” : art light installation : Beforelight : greece

openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 1beforelight : photos via flores en el atico

i have written a few times about the wonderful light installations by greek team beforelight. their new piece, “oh my CAD” shows beautifully and with great humour, how a simple idea can be and interesting way to light a city. see more works here                                                                                       .

openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 2 openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 3 openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 4 openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 5 openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 6 openhouse-magazine-light-measures-oh-my-cad-art-light-installation-beforelight-greece 7

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