a country box : architecture : Trublerhütte : Rossetti + Wyss Architekten : switzerland

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 1

Trublerhütte by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten via archdaily : all photos by Jürg Zimmermann

Trublerhütte, a “party” in the forest, was a building 14 years old, when in November 2005 it was totally destroyed due to defects in its construction. The foundation and the base on which rests the current house were slightly damaged, and the council decided that the new Trublerhütte be built on the existing foundation. The country house is located on a slope surrounded entirely by trees. The proximity to downtown, the ease of transportation and the possibility of parking make this idyllic setting to continue to be the ideal place for social gatherings.                                                              .

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 3The house is located to the north near Uitikonerstrasse, in one of the many paths that enter the forest from this street. From the countryside arrival area (access), visitors arrive via stairs that lead them to the main floor. The “party” is the space inside and outside at the same time, large doors open and the forest penetrates the building. The house also provides a privileged view over the immediate environment, sufficient shade on sunny days and shelter from the rain. The new Trublerhütte is based on the current Sockelbau and its environment. The top floor of the building is constructed from prefabricated, very light components.

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 4 Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 5Wood panels are large, providing an antique look to the new cabin. Thus, the interior is a space with a more variable appearance and with more possibilities of spatial connection. The meeting room allows each point in the room a different view of the surroundings. The orientation of openings on the facade allows visitors to see the forest from anywhere. With the doors open, the building offers spectacular views, and the light strikes the interior space so that artificial light is unnecessary. The forest can be experienced from the inside, so that the new shelter and the forest are fully bonded.

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 14 15The interior can be expanded, increasing its flexibility. The hostel, closed, is protected from any vandalism. Likewise, there are enclosed spaces within the building, such as services, kitchen, facilities, and storage rooms, especially for wood (for the fireplace). The material chosen for the design of the building is wood, which comes mostly from forests in the Schlieremer region. The Trublerhütte is thus a suitable structure, not only because of its relationship with the surrounding forest, but also due to the material of choice that best enhances contact with the environment. The materials are mainly used in the rough.

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 6 Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 7The wood is fir in different qualities of finish: Sägeroh massively in the roof, Schlieremer whose trees have trunks 40 x 40, and up to 9 m long; brushed on the outside and on the doors; on the ground floor with thicknesses of 14 to 18 cm. Steel is also used in the rough, in conjunction with the wood structure, especially present in the openings, the fireplace and the kitchen. Chrome and steel are used.

Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 8 Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 9 Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 10 Openhouse-magazine-country-box-architecture-trublerhutte-rossetti-wyss-architekten-switzerland-photos-jürg-zimmermann 14

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