a bird’s nest in rome : art installation : big bamboo by doug and mike starn : macro testaccio

openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 1

photos and text by marta veltry via artribune

“Big Bamboo comes from the observation of the randomness of existence. We all have an idea of where we want to go in life, but there is not a path. We are influenced by other people, forced to continuous adaptations, everything grows so incredibly chaotic. ” “The Big Bamboo are the architecture of life. Nothing is planned, everything is tightly bound and each element helps to support the other. “ So the twins Starn tell the large installation that stands in the open spaces of the Macro Testaccio. Third in a series begun in 2010 on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum in New York and continued in 2011 to 54. Venice Biennale, is an intricate installation consisting of thousands of bamboo canes, at the same time a work of art, a sculpture, architecture. kidnaps the visitor introducing it in an “other” world, a labyrinth and ancestral wild. A tree house, a huge hut, an organic system, there are many possible definitions, no comprehensive, just because the very essence of Big Bamboo is in the complementarity of meanings that embodies. To build it took three months, and a team of twenty-five climbers, who assisted the authors themselves. Starting from a structure of three logs, without scaffolding, have assembled a space permeable and organic, in which each node of the elements in bamboo is the result of the decision of the climbers, weaving a jagged shape, the result of the case. 

openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 2Everything about Big Bamboo, is a metaphor for existence and relentless energy.It is the unpredictability of life, embodied by a microcosm living and ever changing. It is the playfulness of the human soul, materialized in the disorienting forest of bamboo poles linked by colored laces. It is a return to traditional construction methods, in the ancient craft knots and ropes of climbers. It is a spiritual journey, experienced by those who abandon themselves to exploring this big belly of wood. It embraces the concepts of interconnection and interdependence that characterize the moments of human life, made ​​explicit by the use of bamboo, elastic material and clarifier, a symbol of life and inner journey, ideally stretched towards the sky. It is a hymn to architecture as individual and community experience: Two double helix stairs climb up to twenty-five meters, branching off into a jungle walkways and rest areas, benches, ergonomic chairs and coffee tables. You can choose to meet, to get together, to attend screenings or performances, or sensory experience individually, entering into an ascetic solitude in natural cathedral. A moment of exploration and adventure, which makes us discover novel Peter Pan ready to play with textures thick and dilated, with colored ropes that seem lianas, with nautical knots echoing visions.

openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 3 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 4And finally, Big Bamboo gives us segments of the old industrial Rome to lay out, in an unpublished short circuit space. In little more than a month after the inauguration, the installation was visited by over 6,500 people. ” I am extremely happy, I was expecting a hit like that and I expect for the future, when the weather will allow a number of events for which the Big Bamboo has been thought. The idea is that of the Serpentine Gallery in London, a multifunctional space that can accommodate fifty people on the ground floor and upstairs rooms for readings and insights. In the new season will start new activities related to the redevelopment of the Macro Testaccio area, without forgetting that you are receiving a thousand students of architecture in conjunction with the opening of the new headquarters of the Faculty of Architecture of Rome , ” says Bartholomew Pietromarchi director of the Macro.

openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 5 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 6 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 7 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 8 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 9 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 10 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 11 openhouse-magazine-a-birds-nest-in-rome-art-installation-big-bamboo-by-doug-and-mike-starn-macro-testaccio 12

Marta Veltri

Rome / / 11 December 2012
Doug + Mike Starn Big Bambú
artistic director Francesco Bonami
MACRO Testaccio
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4
0608 06/06 671070400


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