summer storm : art & architecture : UVA (united visual artists) transform Sou Fujimoto’s Serpentine Pavilion : london

openhouse-magazine-summer-storm-art-architecture-uva-united-visual-artists-transform-sou-fujimotos-serpentine-pavilion-london 1text and photos via archdaily & dezeen, images by united visla artists ,  visit until 20 october 2013

-based United Visual Artists (UVA) has brought Sou Fujimoto’s “cloud-like” Serpentine Pavilion to life with an “electrical storm” of LEDs. With the intention of making the architecture “breathe” from within, UVA seamlessly integrated a network of LED lights into the latticed, 20mm steel pole structure that mimics the natural forms of an electric storm. In addition, carefully conducted auditory effects further enhance the experience, transforming Fujimoto’s “radical pavilion” into an electrified geometric cloud.

openhouse-magazine-summer-storm-art-architecture-uva-united-visual-artists-transform-sou-fujimotos-serpentine-pavilion-london 2openhouse-magazine-summer-storm-art-architecture-uva-united-visual-artists-transform-sou-fujimotos-serpentine-pavilion-london 3 openhouse-magazine-summer-storm-art-architecture-uva-united-visual-artists-transform-sou-fujimotos-serpentine-pavilion-london 4 openhouse-magazine-summer-storm-art-architecture-uva-united-visual-artists-transform-sou-fujimotos-serpentine-pavilion-london 5


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