grand designs : architecture : lee house by MK27 marcio kogan : porto feliz : brazil : photography by fernando guerra

openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 1lee house by MK27 : photography by Fernando Guerra : text and images via domus


Brazilian architecture studio MK27, lead by Marcio Kogan, has recently completed a minimal single family house in Porto Feliz, Brazil. A large rectangular volume, the house develops over one single floor, harbouring four bedrooms, a generously proportioned communal open space, a gym and an outdoor pool. A solid concrete shell extends around the central void of the living area. Wide glass-clad walls allow the space to be experienced and lived as a direct continuation of the garden. Meanwhile, two wooden volumes shield the house’s private areas. The house is fully surrounded by a terrace, which connects the outdoor pool to the living spaces, inciting residents to live the interior and exterior spaces as one.

openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 2 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 3 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 4 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 5 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 6 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 7 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 8 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 9 openhouse-magazine-grand-designs-architecture-lee-house-by-mk27-marcio-kogan-porto-feliz-brazil-photography-by-fernando-guerra 10

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