a box on top : architecture : house in fujizakura by case design studio

openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 1house in fujizakura by case design studio text and photos via dezeen

Case Design Studio designed the single-storey home for a couple and located it on a sloping site in Yamanashi Prefecture, close to Mount Fuji. The house centres around a double-height dining room, which is lit from above by a series of clerestory windows. Other rooms are arranged around the outside of the dining room and include a bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms and a traditional Japanese room filled with tatami mats. According to the studio, the rooms were designed to lead into one another in a “migratory flow pattern”, meaning there are “no dead ends”. The Japanese room is raised on a wooden platform and features a large window, offering a view out towards the trees.

openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 2 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 3 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 4 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 5 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 6 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 7 openhouse-magazine-japan-a-box-on-top-architecture-house-in-fujizakura-by-case-design-studio 8


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