unfinished symphony : architecture : barbacoa house : pepe gascón : terrassa : catalunya

openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 1barbacoa house by pepe gascón : photography by josé hevia : via HIC arquitectura

to this day i dream about designing and building my own house, this house of mine changes in style, place and ideas at least once a week. but always my main ideas are use of space, light, use of materials and the life i will lead within the house, or even more so, the life i will lead with the land of which the house is connected.

when i saw this house, built not so far away, just outside of barcelona, it was like pepe gascón had read my mind. it is a simple dwelling, a basic glass box, a raw concrete roof, and a few bare brick walls to shield one side and a few internal ones to divide. what more do we need? sometimes we dream of our houses, but the costs get in the way. this was built for less that 80,000€, and the owners have a beautiful piece of architecture, that is not only interesting, but very liveable and will connect them with the nature that surrounds them.  THIS is a house that i would like to build for myself. Andrew Trotter

openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 2 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 3 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 4 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 5 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 6 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 7 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 8 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 9 openhouse-magazine-unfinished-symphony-architecture-barbacoa-house-pepe-gascon-terrassa-photography-jose-hevia 10


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