sagrada família as we have never seen before : photography : vadim mahora & vitaly raskalovym

openhouse-magazine-sagrada-familia-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 1atop a construction crane at the sagrada família in barcelona : image  © vadim mahora


vadim mahora and vitaly raskalovym via designboom

russian photographers and daredevils vadim mahora and vitaly raskalovym travel europe with a clear purpose — to illegally climb to the highest point of the city’s main attraction, hang off its edge, and capture their extraordinary viewpoint. their latest adventure had them scaling skyscrapers, construction cranes, and cathedral steeples, exposing some of the most magnificent and outrageous perspectives of architecture and urban sites. their non-conventional form of tourism brought them to 12 cities, soaring to the top of renowned monuments like antoni gaudi’s masterpiece, the sagrada família in barcelona, the iconic eiffel tower in paris, and the gothic spires of the cologne cathedral in germany.

openhouse-magazine-sagrada-familia-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 2 openhouse-magazine-sagrada-familia-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 3 openhouse-magazine-sagrada-familia-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 4 openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 5a view down to the 150 meter high spire of the cologne cathedral in germany : image  © vadim mahora

openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 6

openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 7the team manged to get into the basilica of the sacre coeur : image © vadim mahor

openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 8peering down at warsaw, poland : image © vadim mahora

openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 9 openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 10peering off a the side of a building under construction in the area of la defense, paris : image © vadim mahora

openhouse-magazine-as-we-have-never-seen-before-photography-vadim-mahora-vitaly-raskalovym-russian-skywalking 11feet dangling from the eiffel tower in paris, and atop a high point in warsaw’s old town : image © vadim mahora

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