architects want to be kids too : a dolls house : architecture : fundraiser : hadid + adjaye + others

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others09_TB_DOLLS-HOUSE13_ADJAYE_083david adjaye

photos and text via A Dolls House

Inspired by the dolls’ house that Edwin Lutyens designed for The British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1922 – using a very traditional children’s toy to display the very best of modern British architecture, craftsmanship, art and interior design – Cathedral Group has asked 20 contemporary architects and designers, in collaboration with artists and other creatives, to design and build a dolls’ house for the 21st Century. Each dolls’ house will be designed to include at least one feature that makes life easier for a child with a disability.

The dolls’ houses will be exhibited publicly at Bonhams in November 2013 and auctioned at a high profile evening event in support of KIDS. The Architects’ Journal is media sponsor for the project and both Quatro and ING Media will be publicising the project.

KIDS is a UK charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families. They run home learning programmes, specialist nurseries and crèches, short-break programmes for disabled children and a series of inclusive adventure playgrounds. They offer a wide variety of services to parents of children with disabilities and programmes for siblings of disabled children and young carers. You can read more about them here. Cathedral Group have pledged to raise £100,000 for KIDS to support their valuable work. Our staff have all agreed to personal fundraising targets and we are working together as a team to raise the balance. Members of our team have run marathons, Tough Mudders, quiz nights, bake sales and cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End. We are already half way there.

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 2david adjaye

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 3coffey architects

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 4coffey architects

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 11goffey architects

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 5allford hall monaghan morris 

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 6allford hall monaghan morris 

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 7glenn howells

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 8glenn howells

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 9james ramsey raad studio

openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others 10james ramsey raad studio 

zaha_openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-others image1_large-600x450zaha hadid

20openhouse-magazine-architects-want-to-be-kids-too-a-dolls-house-architecture-fundraiser-hadid-adjaye-othersa-large-600x450zaha hadid

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