i want to live here : architecture : cabin on Flathead Lake by Andersson Wise Architects

openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 1

cabin by Andersson Wise Architects photography Art Gray via Arch Daily 

I think if I were to build a cabin, or a small house in the country, I would want it to be something like this. There isn’t much to this house, a couple of rooms, bathroom, kitchenette, but with the beautiful construction, natural materials and large windows, you can’t get closer to nature . AT

Locals call the granite and shale cliff overlooking Montana’s Flathead Lake “The Matterhorn”. It is a place to observe the natural world: the lake, the surrounding ponderosa pine forest, and especially the eagles and ospreys that nest nearby. Together, the water, cliff, and trees form a classic picture of the expansive American West, and it is clear why Montana is still known as North America’s great destination.

openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 2 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 3 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 4 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 5 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 6 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 7 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 8 openhouse-magazine-i-want-to-live-here-architecture-cabin-on-flathead-lake-by-andersson-wise-architects-photos-art-gray 9

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