in the past : summer house : architecture : Roland Rainer : st. margarethen

openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 1summer house by roland ranier via hic arquitectura

i fell in love with this house the moment i saw it. it’s simple limestone walls, creating a not so closed courtyard house in the austrian countryside. with a very basic form and rooms this summer house by one of the most interesting modernist architects from austria is exactly the type of house i would like to build for myself; hopefully in not the too distant future. andrew trotter

openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 2 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 3 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 4 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 5 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 6 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen 7 openhouse-magazine-summer-house-architecture-roland-rainer-st-margarethen plan

  1. The structure over the garden? What is that? For a vine? Or…?

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