tight squeeze : architecture : MA house : katsutoshi sasaki + associates : okazaki japan

openhouse-magazine-tight-squeeze-architecture-ma-house-katsutoshi-sasaki-associates-okazaki-japan 1 ‘ma house’ occupies an incredibly narrow plot of land in a densely populated residential region of okazaki, japan. reinterpreting traditional notions of scale and program, the dwelling, created by katsutoshi sasaki + associates,   for more photos and text please vist designboom

openhouse-magazine-tight-squeeze-architecture-ma-house-katsutoshi-sasaki-associates-okazaki-japan 3 openhouse-magazine-tight-squeeze-architecture-ma-house-katsutoshi-sasaki-associates-okazaki-japan 4     openhouse-magazine-tight-squeeze-architecture-ma-house-katsutoshi-sasaki-associates-okazaki-japan 9

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  1. Jeremiah said:

    Reblogged this on r | one studio architecture and commented:
    This is some beautiful and ingenious architectural design. I’d love to say “oh hey I could do that with containers”, but honestly, this is much too beautiful and simple in design to cheapen that way.

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